WritebackExtreme SSO "Unknown AssertionConsumerServiceURL" message

In Writeback we have 2 fixed URLs that are being generated with the "APP_URL" property from the .env file.

This article is describes how to resolve on of the following messages:

The status code of the Response was not Success, was Requester -> Unknown AssertionConsumerServiceURL https://your-tableau-environment.com/api/auth/admin/saml/login-return
Invalid array settings: sp_acs_url_invalid, sp_sls_url_invalid, idp_slo_response_url_invalid


In WritebackExtreme we have 2 separate ACS (AssertionConsumerServiceURL) or Reply URL paths/URLs defined:

- /api/auth/admin/saml/login-return (Used for management-console)

- /api/auth/saml/login-return (Used for extension)

These URLs are generated when redirected to the IdP for logging in. The domain these domains are using is defined in the `.env` file. This file can be found in the writeback application folder, located on your server. In the `.env` there is a property "APP_URL" that is referencing your writeback domain like:


The domain is without a trailing / (slash)

If you add any path behind it, it will be added to the "reply URL".